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Differences between Normal Cars and Bulletproof Cars

It is often assumed that bulletproof cars and vehicles are only by celebrities and politicians in order to travel under a veil of security and privacy. However, it is not just them who use bulletproof cars. These are also used by a number of companies and organizations to transport items of importance from one place to another. Banks often use these cars as a protective means of transport to transport large amounts of cash and other valuables. Armored cars are also used by VIPs and other persons of interest to travel without outsiders finding out.

Here are some major differences between normal cars and bulletproof, armored cars:

  • The Glass: The windows and the windshield of bulletproof cars are made from layers of highly resistance glass. An important thing to be kept in mind is that bulletproof glass is not actually bulletproof and the material is not exactly regular glass. This “glass” is made up of several layers of plastic and glass.

The plastic is generally polycarbonate. This is a see-through, soft plastic which is much lighter than glass and has multiple times its strengths. The layers prevent the glass from shattering completely from a bullet, thus keeping the passengers and items safe inside. The glass in a normal car is of regular variety and can shatter under impact of a bullet or even a rightly aimed stone.bulletproof cars

  • Raw Materials: Apart from the glass, the other raw materials which are used to make the doors, walls, and the ceiling of the car are also different in these two types of vehicles. In an armored car, it has to be made sure that no external impact harms the inside of the car. Hence, the body is made of high-quality galvanized and stainless steel. The raw materials also give longevity to the vehicle.
  • Design Differences: One of the major concerns that makers of bulletproof cars have to face is to keep the design secure without making it too bulky. Hence, there are a number of design features that have to be thought about which are not present in normal cars.

For instance, the structure of the vehicle is designed to be resistance to external damage and be protective to the insides. The tires are also bulletproof and if they were to get deflated in some other way, the car can still run on them for a few miles. The front bumpers are designed to be able to push through obstacles and get out of a volatile situation easily.

  • Other Differences: There are a number of other special features that armored cars have. For example, the windshields are fixed at an angle of 45 degrees to lower wind resistance. The ram bumpers and ability to run on deflated tires have already been discussed.

Therefore, these are some of the basic differences between normal and bulletproof cars. Nowadays, the latter has also become a way to impress important clients. International companies often use it as transportation to show their clients how they take safety seriously. Sometimes museums and galleries use armored cars to transport valuable art pieces safely from one place to another.